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Every building all across the United States probably could use some retrofitting to make it much more energy efficient. Doing that one thing could put hundreds of thousands of people back to work.

- President Barack Obama

I am a strong supporter of the PEERS approach. Not only are you stimulating the economy and putting people to work, you are helping to save energy, reduce the number of new power plants that need to be built and reducing the amount of green house gases being produced. Its a win-win-win situation

- Richard Sterrett – Sterret Consulting

PEERS is unique in its grassroots approach to stimulate our economy and save jobs while reducing our carbon emissions. It provides a simple means for private businesses to benefit from ARRA stimulus funds and represents an excellent model as a mutually beneficial public/private partnership.

-Scott Muse, President, Hubbell Lighting

The PEERS initiative is the perfect time for corporate America and the Federal Government, through the Stimulus program, to join together to achieve a meaningful effort to make this country energy self-reliant while helping the environment.

-William C. Tauber, Host; “The Green Energy Show with Bill Tauber™” KRLA-AM (870) Los Angeles

The PEERS initiative is a fresh approach and illustrates how partnerships between private industry, government and association can exist to benefit everyone.

-Jim Frank, NALMCO® President

The environmental, grid and financial benefits related to aggressive energy efficiency incentives are clear. The people of thirty-six states have taken action and created legislation and PUC programs that deliver such incentives. It is so clearly actionable to amplify these programs with currently unallocated stimulus dollars that I believe it will happen, but only if we join together and bring the concept to the attention of our elected officials. If you agree, please use the tools on www.peers-alliance.org and do so today.

-Ray Pustinger, PEERS Committee Member

PEERS will be good for businesses, good for the economy and good for the environment. It`s a great way to get the most bang for our country`s stimulus buck.

-Randy Breske, PEERS Committee Co-Chairman

I am proud to support the PEERS program. In these difficult times there are so many qualified people out of work. The stimulus funding that PEERS is asking for would create a huge influx in energy saving jobs that America so desperately needs.

-John Watkins, PEERS Committee Co-Chairman

If the purpose of the ARRA stimulus program is to create jobs and environmental benefits, then the PEERS concept delivers both, along with all of the ancillary benefits; reduced dependence on foreign oil, carbon reduction credits and responsible deployment of taxpayer funds. PEERS presents what is is arguably one of the the most prudent and expeditious ways to deploy stimulus funds. Despite the changing dynamics of how energy is created, transmitted, and consumed, a program like this will benefit us not only today, but for generations to come.

- John Tastad, President – Titan Energy Worldwide

I believe that energy management and renovation of lighting and electrical systems are great for the nation and a socially responsible thing to do. As an IES member and a Board member who is involved with the standards writing process, I know that there are many obvious ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and maintain a productive environment with adequate lighting levels.

- John Selander – Acuity Brands Lighting

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The PEERS Committee is a grassroots coalition headed by the interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies®, NALMCO®. PEERS seeks to direct ARRA stimulus funds towards energy efficiency projects of all types (Lighting, HVAC, Motors, Building Envelope, Renewables) in a public/private sector partnership.


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