NALMCO highlights PEERS initiative with Congressional leaders in Washington, DC

The Steering Committee for The Program for Energy Efficiency Through Responsible Stimulus (PEERS) met with members of Congress in Washington, DC, January 20 – 21, 2010. They experienced first hand the phrase, “It is the people’s seat” and how these words apply at a national level.

Randy Breske, Congressman David G. Reichert R – WA, Jim Frank and Ray Pustinger.

Randy Breske, Congressman David G. Reichert R – WA, Jim Frank and Ray Pustinger.

PEERS is a grassroots initiative that seeks matching government funds for existing state and utility energy efficiency rebates and to direct ARRA stimulus funds toward energy efficient lighting retrofit projects in a public/private sector partnership. The PEERS Committee is headed by the interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies® (NALMCO®).

“We are asking the government to direct $16 Billion of the ARRA stimulus act’s nearly $800 Billion to support energy efficiency retrofit programs. These additional rebates will help business owners retrofit their facilities with energy efficient equipment that will lower utility bills and reduce the cost of doing business. The PEERS initiative provides a proven conduit for stimulus dollars to enter the economy, produce measurable results, create jobs, reduce pollution and increase our nation’s energy independence,” NALMCO President Jim Frank, CLMC, of Facility Solutions Group based in Austin, TX, said.

The PEERS Alliance Steering Committee contacted sponsors who supported H.R. 4226 and S. 1637, proposed proactive energy/incentive legislation directed toward private residences. These contacts led to the January 2010 visit to Washington, D.C.

“PEERS is an opportunity for our industry to take a leadership role in the nation’s economic recovery. The PEERS initiative has the potential to generate thousands of new energy efficient projects across the country, each of which brings tangible benefits for business owners, the economy and the public. We were pleased with the response to our efforts to introduce PEERS, including multiple invitations to make personal visits and presentations,” said PEERS Steering Committee Chair Randy Breske, CLMC, of Stay-Lite Lighting, Inc. in Pewaukee, WI.

While in Washington, DC, the PEERS Committee met with members of Congress and shared the basic tenets of the PEERS concept:

  • Direct a portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus monies toward private sector ECM projects
  • Management and over site of these funds through existing state, municipal or utility incentive programs, thus dramatically reducing the dilution of funds through the creation of a management arm tasked with the delivery of the program/funds;
  • And, most importantly, the direct benefits of the concept, those being a vehicle designed to implement the “immediate and shovel ready” delivery of a program that will ensure:
    • Environmental impacts through massive reductions in energy consumption
    • Positive steps toward energy independence
    • Simulation of local and national economy
    • Creation and retention of jobs
    • Creation of a true public and private partnership

The PEERS message was well-received by members of Congress.

“While the PEERS concept is fueled by energy efficiency, it’s most compelling benefit today is immediate jobs creation. We found in our visits with congressional leaders that an opportunity exists to include a PEERS concept allocation as a part of the jobs legislation currently being worked on,” PEERS Committee Member Ray Pustinger, CLMC, CEM, CDSM, of Precision-Paragon [P2] in Yorba Linda, CA, stated.

The next step is to reach out to Senators and Representatives involved in drafting legislation focused on increasing employment.

Those visiting Washington, DC, were: Jim Frank, CLMC, NALMCO President; Randy Breske, CLMC, PEERS Steering Committee Chair; and Ray Pustinger, CLMC, CEM, CDSM, PEERS Steering Committee Member. During the visit, the Steering Committee met with 11 concerned Americans, Statesmen, and Patriots and delivered a unified message, “Our great country and its economy are facing some critical issues and challenges, the solution to which will come only through ideas and involvement from people like us. This is the people’s seat.”

Thank you to the following offices for their time during the two-day visit:
Congressman David G. Reichert R – WA
Congressman Christopher J. Lee R – NY
Congressman Ron Kind D – WI
Congressman Geoff Davis R – KY
Congressman Tom Perriello D – VA
Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. R – WI
Senator Dianne Feinstein D – CA
Senator Russell D. Feingold D – WI
Senator Herb Kohl D – WI
Senator Pat Roberts R – KS
Senator Sam Brownback R – KS


Obama Endorses Stimulus Money For Energy Efficient Retrofits

On Monday’s Late Show with David Letterman, President Obama endorsed the potential of stimulus-funded energy efficient retrofit projects to create jobs in America.


Obama said,

There’s some areas, like for example clean energy, that has huge potential. Every building all across the United States probably could use some retrofitting to make it much more energy efficient. Doing that one thing could put hundreds of thousands of people back to work.

Want to see the president say it for yourself? Just scroll to the 11:00 mark in the video below.


President Obama wants to create jobs with energy efficient retrofit projects.

PEERS will make that happen now, and responsibly. He needs to hear about PEERS from you. Tell him by using the PEERS federal representative contact tool. It’ll only take 60 seconds of your time, and has the potential to make a huge impact on the economy, the environment and our industry.


Obama Administration Awards An Additional $162 Million

For State Energy Programs in Seven States and Territories

  • COLORADO – $19.5 Million Awarded Today
  • DELAWARE – $9.6 Million Awarded Today
  • INDIANA – $27.4 Million Awarded Today
  • LOUISIANA – $28.6 Million Awarded Today
  • MASSACHUSETTS – $21.9 Million Awarded Today
  • PENNSYLVANIA – $39.8 Million Awarded Today
  • PUERTO RICO – $14.8 Million Awarded Today

Learn more on The U.S. Department Of Energy’s Website


Obama Administration Awards An Additional $141 Million

For State Energy Programs in Six States and Territories

  • HAWAII – $10.3 Million Awarded Today
  • MAINE – $10.9 Million Awarded Today
  • NEBRASKA – $12.3 Million Awarded Today
  • NEW MEXICO – $12.7 Million Awarded Today
  • NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS – $7.4 Million Awarded Today
  • TEXAS – $87.5 Million Awarded Today

Learn more on The U.S. Department Of Energy’s Website


Obama Administration Awards More than $153 Million

For State Energy Programs in Seven States and Territories

  • ARKANSAS – $15.7 Million Awarded Today
  • GEORGIA – $32.9 Million Awarded Today
  • KENTUCKY – $21 Million Awarded Today
  • MISSISSIPPI – $16.1 Million Awarded Today
  • MONTANA – $10.3 Million Awarded Today
  • NEW YORK –$49.2 Million Awarded Today
  • VIRGIN ISLANDS – $8.2 Million Awarded Today

Learn more on The U.S. Department Of Energy’s Website




The PEERS Committee is a grassroots coalition headed by the interNational Association of Lighting Management Companies®, NALMCO®. PEERS seeks to direct ARRA stimulus funds towards energy efficiency projects of all types (Lighting, HVAC, Motors, Building Envelope, Renewables) in a public/private sector partnership.


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